Primark - On the Rack

24 June 2008

Last night's BBC Panorama show went undercover in India to examine fashion giant Primark's supply chain and ethical practices. 

Posing as a fashion buyer, the reporter discovered factories sub-contracting finishing work (mainly beading and embroidery) to back street sweat shops, home-based operations using child labour, and even to Sri Lankan refugee camps.

Primark denied all knowledge that the finishing was being outsourced. But the factory owner readily told the undercover "buyer" that it was done elsewhere.

Did you manage to catch the show? Reactions?

What do you think about where the buck stops in terms of sub-contracting and ensuring supply chains are ethically sound from beginning to end?

Do you think Primark did the right thing by canceling all orders from the offending suppliers after these discoveries were made?

(If you missed the show, you can watch it on until Monday 30 June.)
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