Soapbox: What next for Africa?

5 March 2008

In this issue's extended soapbox, Sigi Osagie talks about the prospects for Africa to become a major outsourcing market.

"Africa may be in a position to capitalise on this. And here's why.

First, Africa remains under-used as a regional outsourcing hub, so there is significant untapped potential across the continent - that leaves a sizeable geography just waiting to be utilised more effectively.

Second, Africa is currently experiencing a resurgence in its global profile, especially in the world political and trade agendas, helped by the efforts of world leaders such as ex-US president Bill Clinton and former British prime minister, Tony Blair.

Also, some African countries appear to be making serious efforts at tackling many of their fundamental problems. Ghana, for example, has made great strides in improving its political stability and physical infrastructure in recent years. It is quite possible that all of these factors may coincide to launch Africa on to the world stage as a pre-eminent offshore outsourcing hub.

What is stopping Africa becoming a location of choice for outsourcing? Can it conquer these problems?

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