Live at the IPSA/CIPS conference in Johannesburg, South Africa

21 May 2008
Attending a conference in Africa is different to attending one anywhere else in the world, primarily down to the enthusiasm shown by delegates.

When the end of a session arrives at a conference held in the UK and Europe, and the call goes out for questions, there is usually a deathly silence, followed by nervous glances between each of the delegates. Over here in Africa there are often far many more questions than the the Q&A period usually allows for.

But, there is also a different way of asking questions. Delegates first begin with showering praise on the speaker for a wonderful presentation, filled with interesting learning points that can be taken away.

Then comes the “but”, with what follows constituting the question. But not always. Often delegates just enjoy giving their opinion on the speaker’s topic (or even the speakers themselves).

It certainly makes a nice change from everyone being keen to rush out to the next cup of coffee.
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