Crunch time

9 December 2009
Biscuits are the subject of regular discussion in the SM office, usually over whose turn it is to restock the biscuit box. So when Nestlé announced that it was going to make its Kit Kat biscuit Fairtrade I was prompted to raid said biscuit box – mainly because I was peckish, but also to see if any of our current stock was made from Fairtrade-branded products. It isn’t. That’s not to say that our snacks are unethically made, but the Fairtrade mark at least gives you an indication that producers are getting an even deal. It wouldn’t be a big step for us to keep our box stocked with Fairtrade biscuits, but we tend to go with old favourites. Sound familiar? Ever had a situation where inertia and favouritism led your organisation to choose a tried and tested supplier, when flexing your purchasing muscles might have discovered something better, cheaper or more sustainable? Have you got any examples of where you have used purchasing power for good? In the meantime, I’m off to the shop to do the biscuit run.
London SW1E
Circa £62-68k depending on experience, with attractive benefits
Girls' Day School Trust
Chelmsford, Essex
Up to £44,000 per annum
Essex County Council
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