You’re streamlined!

14 December 2009
The recession has led an increasing number of companies to “streamline” or “right-size” their staff – or even suffer some “non-voluntary turnover”.

 And I’m not just referring to the act of getting rid of employees, but the increased use of euphemisms to cover it up (poorly). It isn’t just mass redundancies that encourage this type of cover-up. When senior executives leave their position “by mutual consent” does anybody ever believe it wasn’t an ultimatum of “resign or be sacked”? Or how about where politicians “step down” to “spend more time with their family”? Having to make people redundant is a terrible situation for any manager to be in, but does masking it in business-speak really make those wielding the axe feel better about what they have done? Certainly being made redundant is an awful position to be in, and any attempt to sugar-coat it with weasel words won’t make you feel any better.
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