Sleep! Sleep! I couldn't sleep tonight

18 May 2009
I was under the impression that the world economy was in tatters because of irresponsible lending by banks to people who had no realistic chance of paying back the debts they had accrued. But apparently I am mistaken. According to a press release I received this morning from electronics firm Philips, a survey of 2,500 managers in the UK, US, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands, 40 per cent of people believe a lack of sleep is the cause of the current economic woes. It added that in the UK 6.7 days a year are affected by a lack of sleep, with the total cost to the economy estimated to be as much as £3.63 billion a year. Apparently only 29 per cent of people discuss their problems with sleep, although I guess this doesn’t take account of throwaway comments you regularly hear in the office such as: “I didn’t get much sleep last night”. Would you consider discussing your sleeping patterns with your company?
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