What’s German for a blank receipt?

14 May 2009
The issue of expenses has (to say the least) been in the news over the past week. Claims for moat clearing, house “flipping” and chandelier costs have caused gales of fury. The furore has reminded me of a former colleague (at a different company) who as part of series of German language lessons, which the sales guys and director were attending, asked “What’s German for a receipt?” and followed that up with “What’s German for a blank receipt?” This was met with a bellow from the Glaswegian boss: “Why do ye need te know what a blank receipt is?" So what are the worst, most blatant expense claims you have seen? I know SM readers would never lodge anything that wasn’t 100 per cent legit, but you may have been asked to approve something that bent the rules. Or maybe there are some legendary claims in your organisation. Do share with the rest of us. But don’t name names.
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