Boris Johnson towers above council

3 September 2009
It is interesting to hear that during a time when the construction sector is being described by the CIPS chief executive as the "sick man" of the UK economy, it is still pushing forward in our capital. Well at least by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.   Apparently procurement could be imminent for Columbus Tower in Canary Wharf, which if its plans are approved will become the tallest building in London. It would include 31,000 sq m of office space, a 192-room hotel and more than 70 apartments. Towering above us at 63 storey’s high, the building planning application was rejected by Tower Hamlets council last month, but Boris Johnson has finally got some guts in his so far feeble London legacy and intervened in the process.   I am 50/50 split on this building malarkey. I agree we need to carry on supporting innovation and development in our capital during the recession, but I also wish Boris would pull out the big guns when dealing with over-crowding in London as well. Perhaps if he put as much energy into knocking down redundant and depressing squalors as building palaces in the sky for Londoners we would all be a happier workforce anyway and pull ourselves out of the recession? Just a thought?  Or perhaps a naive utopian vision I hear you cry...   Do you think that we need more space when so many buildings are vacant in London, or do you welcome the need for constant modernization and development during this economic minefield? Answers on a postcard to Room B, Flat 31, Floor 9, Tower 13, Court 101.
Central London and Cheltenham
Salaries: Central London: £38,656 - £43,186/Cheltenham: £35,736 - £40,011
Central London and Cheltenham
Salaries: Central London: £48,305 - £56,163/Cheltenham: £45,341 - £53,023
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