Beef over an invoice

27 April 2010
One German meat supplier could do with having a think about his approach to settling outstanding invoices with his customers. About 20 diners in a restaurant in Aachen, near the Dutch and Belgian borders, had a bit of a fright when the angry vendor started grabbing steaks off their plates in an attempt to recoup money owed to him by the establishment. He had arrived with his usual delivery on a Wednesday night, but a row broke out in the kitchen when he was told the €400 (£350) the restaurant owed him would not be forthcoming that evening. The supplier started grabbing steaks that were being cooked or marinated in the kitchen, but when he realised this wouldn’t cover the outstanding balance, he continued to settle his bill front of house, gathering customers’ dinners off their plates. The police were called to the scene but took no further action because no offence had been committed – unless you consider it a crime against manners. But HT isn’t the only one to think that supplier relationships in the meat industry could do with a bit of work. At a meat producers’ conference, the chief executive of the English Food and Farming Partnerships said retailers are going to start looking for efficiencies in the meat supply chain to make up for customers spending less. Certain suppliers had better rein in their tempers.
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