Public sector: only altruists need apply

11 August 2010
Is UK public sector procurement about to experience a brain drain…if this is, in fact, not already happening? I’m referring, of course, to the public sector pay freeze the government is instituting, as well as the mass redundancies which are about to take place. As a taxpayer, I’m all for reducing waste – and we all know there’s plenty of it – but how exactly can the sector expect to achieve all it must without the ability to attract and retain talent? Traditionally, public sector staff were attracted by three things: a wish to do good; job security; and a great pension. With the last two severely eroded, can the sector really expect to keep great purchasers on the basis of the first? Of course some will remain, but will they be enough to do all that’s necessary?  
London SW1E
Circa £62-68k depending on experience, with attractive benefits
Girls' Day School Trust
Chelmsford, Essex
Up to £44,000 per annum
Essex County Council
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