What kind of buyer are you – chimpanzee or bonobo?

1 July 2010
Scientists have discovered this week that the way men’s bodies react to competition is similar to different species of apes and can be split into two types - aggressive chimps or peace-loving bonobos. Chimpanzees live in male-dominated societies and will fight to the death for macho status. The research found that “status-driven” men are like chimps because they produce more testosterone when challenged. Bonobos, however, are the hippy-apes and live in a society where the female is most dominant. Like laid-back men, bonobos produce cortisol, nicknamed “the cuddle compound”- this can make for more flexible co-operation and food-sharing. During SM’s Battle of the Buyers I observed how competition and stress affected the teams and noticed that there were many different techniques used to negotiate. Two buyers particularly impressed me with their good cop/bad cop routine – or could it now be the good bonobo/bad chimp routine? So what kind of buyer are you – an aggressive, go-getting chimp or do you employ gentle-persuasion like the peace-loving bonobo?
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