Advice from one of life's doers

10 June 2010
Yesterday I met John Timpson, chairman of the UK chain of shoe and watch repair shops of the same name, and a speaker at this year’s CIPS Conference on 23 September. He writes two regular business columns, answering questions sent in by those in the corporate world, and often they include broader advice than simply help on the crucial elements of running an organisation. For example, in his column in the Daily Telegraph this week he says: “If you are one of life’s doers you will always have too much going on and too little time to do it in. Pick the things you want to do (not what you feel you ought to do).” Timpson was very generous with his time and uses the relationships and connections he has with other heads of business to get advice and help with his own. “People are nearly always happy to help and give up an hour of their time if you ask them,” he said. Although, on a personal note, he admitted he is much better at giving out advice than taking it. Overall, I’ve found procurement professionals at different organisations are more than happy to help each other out with problems and offer the benefit of their experience. Do you use your relationships, business connections with colleagues to help you improve what you do in your organisation?
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