Hitching a ride on the wedding bandwagon

8 April 2011
This week I learned that not only is the second in line to England’s throne getting married on 29 April, but it is also – and some would of course argue more importantly - the world’s largest day of amphibian conservation. That’s right, the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton coincide with the third annual ‘Save The Frogs Day’. The press release highlighting the event made used the tenuous link between princes and frogs to make the connection – and of course, the stunt worked (to some extent) because here I am writing about it. And it’s not alone – there was the dress made entirely of chocolate that featured in the Telegraph with the question ‘Will Kate’s dress be made from chocolate?’ Er, no, it won’t. Then there’s the limited edition Oyster card which goes on sale eight days ahead of the big event, the limited edition action figure put together by British designers, and the paper dolls you can buy to commemorate the day – I’m not entirely sure I understand what those are… These are just a few examples of well-timed marketing hitching a ride on the royal bandwagon, and it got me thinking - if you can’t beat em, join em. So today we’d like your tenuous links between procurement and the royal wedding. We’ll get you started… Kate used to be an accessories buyer for Jigsaw, which is covered by a soon-to-be-released TV film – so she’s already shown an interest in the purchasing profession. There is also of course the supply chain issues associated with gearing up production and delivery lines quickly to make commemorative items and the potential supply disasters, like a mug marking the fairytale splicing of Kate Middleton and, um, Prince Harry. So what other connections can you suggest?
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