Too tired to work?

4 April 2011
Alison Smith often warns us about the dangers of working at the expense of our health and relationships. And the consequences for businesses of ignoring this are highlighted in a survey reported this morning. A poll of 2,000 people carried out by juice manufacturer Pomegreat claims the average person experiences 48 days a year when they are too tired to work, but not “sick” enough to stay at home. Instead of working, the day is spent daydreaming and trying to look busy. It’s not clear if this tiredness is the result of working or partying too hard. A rough calculation, based on 232 working days a year, means these “weak days” account for more than a fifth of the entire working year. In addition, apparently a shocking 15 per cent of people feel this way every day. This is compared with 4 per cent who never suffer in this way. Take a moment to look round the office this morning and examine the faces of colleagues. Do they seem to be having a weak day to you? And are they one of those “constantly tired” 15 per cent?
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