Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

15 December 2011

With a new year just around the corner, some employees may be taking stock of their career and wondering what to do next – especially with yesterday’s unemployment figures dampening the prospect of a job move.

Even though demand for buyers appears to be on the increase again, making yourself stand out among the other candidates competing for these opportunities remains a challenge. But even if you are not planning on switching jobs, developing your career remains important.

I spotted this blog from our sister magazine The Recruiter, which features some helpful tips for staff, managers and organisations to “future-proof” a career. Among the more conventional ideas - such as networking, setting challenging goals – there are also several you might not have considered.

  • Read a book. Not necessarily a business-related tome, but see what you can apply to your own career from a history or biography – and there will be plenty of these in the bargain bin after Christmas.
  • Organise an acting class. The blog suggests that what actors learn with regards to confidence and assertiveness can be applied in the office too. And as this story demonstrated last week, it appears most people are old luvvies/hams at heart.
  • Provide incentives to go on a meditation retreat. To clear the mind to concentrate on the career, apparently. Although I’m not sure many staff will really need an “incentive” to get out of the office.
  • Run ideas workshops. Doing the same thing as you did last year isn’t going to be sufficient to keep you ahead of the competition. But are you encouraged to think creatively or put forward ways to change what you do? If you can change things for the better, perhaps you won’t need to find a new job after all?
And we will have lots of tips on how to foster innovation and new ideas in the January issue of SM.
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