Bathing beauties

15 February 2011
Most people try to avoid getting in hot water with the boss, but at one particular office it’s unavoidable. Research that dropped into the HT inbox this month asked the unusual question: “Does your boss have a sauna in his office?” (not at SM headquarters, we can assure you). This was a survey which discovered 31 per cent of employees think the boss of their firm has an extravagant workspace. According to 5 per cent of those quizzed in the study, by office design company Maris Interiors, the CEO had gym equipment in their office. This ranged from a few weights right up to treadmills and exercise bikes. At least one had an en suite sauna, while another was said to have a rooftop garden complete with hot tub. Another news story in the same week prompts HT to ask how that tub is heated. Under the headline “from ashes to splashes”, Redditch Borough Council was accused of being “a bit sick”, because of plans to heat one of its swimming pools using excess heat generated by a nearby crematorium. Personally, we think this second story demonstrates a much better use of resources.
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