What’s on your ‘to-be’ list?

17 January 2011
Alison Smith, procurement professional and life coach and Supply Management guest bloggerWhatever time of year I choose to do it, I find reviewing the past and looking forward to the future a useful exercise. In recent weeks I’ve spent some time reviewing what happened last year and setting my intentions for 2011. Whether we’re doing it for ourselves, projects, teams or suppliers, it’s easy to get carried away with simply making a list of goals – finish that project, save this much money, establish this relationship, improve delivery times or reduce complaints. But something often missing from these to-do lists is the way in which the goal is to be achieved.My question for you today is what do you want to be as you achieve your goals for 2011? Patient? Enthusiastic? Thorough? Open? Honest? Authentic? And, more importantly, how are you going to remind yourself of your commitment to be these things throughout the year? If I look around my office I am reminded to love, have patience, be the change I wish to see in the world (as Gandhi once said) and to reclaim my power (for me, turning life’s negative’s into positives). What's on your ‘to-be’ list for 2011? And where will you put your reminder?
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