Eat, drink and be… more intelligent

6 May 2011
If you’re feeling light-headed today you should consider reaching for a chocolate bar and enjoying a glass of red wine at lunch to give your brain a boost. Apparently, a study produced by Northumbria University discovered the ingredients found in both help get oxygen and blood flowing to your brain – and that in turn could enhance its power. One particular test carried out with volunteers after they had swallowed a pill of polyphenols from the cocoa plant (chocolate’s main ingredient) showed improved levels of accuracy and speed in maths tests. Researchers believe that, in theory, it could have a particular impact on older people since the blood supply around the brain natural reduces as we age. The test apparently involved very high doses of polyphenols (equivalent to crates of wine or hundreds of chocolate bars) but the researchers are looking at the effects of ever-smaller quantities. We watch the next stage of these studies with interest…
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