It's true – technology has made life easier

3 October 2011
A study from Cambridge University shows UK workers are less stressed thanks to the early adoption of computers, says Paul Snell If you are stressed returning to work this morning after a glorious weekend, you can no longer blame your computer. According to a study by Cambridge University academic Brendan Burchell, the British are less stressed than their EU counterparts because companies in the UK were quicker to adopt the use of PCs in the workplace. Dr Burchell believes work-related stress is not related to the drive for profit, but instead the adoption of technology. While using the early computers was a tricky business, it allowed UK workers to gain an advantage on European staff. A third of UK staff used a computer at work by the year 2000, compared with less than a quarter in Europe. This bodes well for those among you who struggled with early adoption of e-procurement tools that promised to revolutionise the purchasing process, but in reality just seemed to add complication and confusion. It was clearly good training for you in the long-term. Just try to remember that the umpteenth time your email crashes or your purchase order disappears off into the ether leaving no trace.
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