Pizza pie in the sky

19 September 2011
You may have spotted the recent claims that Domino’s Pizza “plans” to build a branch on the moon. With the help of construction company Maeda Corp, the Japanese arm of the fast food chain has estimated the cost to be ¥1.67 trillion (£13.8 billion), around a third of which would be spent on transporting the construction materials and equipment to the moon on 15 rockets. To reduce these costs slightly, the company said it would use minerals from the moon to produce concrete, rather than transporting it all the way there (good to see a bit of local sourcing where possible). While this is ultimately a publicity stunt, I like the company’s ambition. It tells potential employees, customers and rivals that it is thinking about the future. It’s a little bit of fun during this grim economic period that gives staff something to take pride in. The idea may be a little crazy, but if it boosts morale it will be worth it.
Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Salary – £71,903 to £79,270
Wiltshire Council
More London Place or Norwich
£42,500 to £50,000 (More London) £38,250 to £45,000 (Norwich)
Clarion Housing Group
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