The myth of miserable Monday

20 August 2012
Feeling a little sluggish this morning? A few weeks ago, a study by academics at Rush University in the US found sleeping in at the weekend can lead to what it described as ‘social jet lag’. Having enjoyed some late mornings, the body isn’t accustomed to waking up early for the start of the working week, leaving you feeling tired and groggy. But if this makes you feel a bit sorry for yourself today, you won’t get much sympathy from a separate group of academics from Stony Brook University in New York. A study reported this morning found the ‘Monday morning blues’ are simply a “cultural myth”, and people’s attitudes are no worse than on other days of the week. While it is true the difference between positive and negative feelings was greatest on a Monday, and moods were no worse than on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (although there was a boost at the end of the week on Friday).
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