Paws for thought

26 September 2012
One in five pet owners are willing to sacrifice up to three weeks’ holiday allowance to settle a new pet into the family home, according to a survey carried out by pet insurers Petplan. Dubbed ‘pup-ternity’ leave, this latest trend is sweeping across the UK, with 25 per cent of new pet owners in London believing it takes up to a month for a pooch to know its place. And it would appear Londoners are complete softies compared with Scots, who only take a week off work for a new pet. Most agreed a pup needs more attention than a kitten, with new dog-owners taking an average of six days off work, compared to new cat owners who take half that. For those of you shaking your heads in disbelief (which I confess I was), there’s more. Although rare, the survey points to a growing trend in employers offering paid leave for owners to undertake pet duties (5 per cent). Move over childcare, the new kid on the block has four legs and a furry disposition. Would you ever take up the offer of ‘pup-ternity’ leave?
Richmond upon Thames, London (Greater)
Falmer, Brighton
£33,797 rising to £40,322 per annum
University of Sussex
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