Get ahead through honour and integrity? Forget about it!

29 January 2013
A lack of success criteria in the modern office has provided enough shades of grey for mobster-like bosses to flourish through narcissistic, Machiavellian and even psychopathic behaviour, according to a book published next month. In Office Politics, psychologist and broadcaster Oliver James, proposes three less-than-complimentary personality types that he has encountered among white collar workers in the office - the psychopath, the Machiavel and the narcissist. But of most concern is his assertion that, in some cases, an individual’s personality can be a combination of all three – what he calls the “triadic” personality. Fictional examples of individuals who possess these traits include TV’s Tony Soprano and Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street. James proposes modern working practices and a lack of robust success criteria enable such individuals to flourish, as they will quite happily take credit for someone else’s hard graft or shift the blame away from themselves. What do you think? Have you seen a real life Tony Soprano climb up the corporate ladder? Or do you think that honesty and integrity are how to really get ahead in your career?
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