Nestlé conscious of its forest footprint

30 January 2013
As SM reports today, large companies are being encouraged to disclose their ‘forest footprint’ as part of the Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD) project. At the launch of the FFD Annual Review yesterday, big name brands such as Gucci and Heinz were congratulated for submitting their first report. But many organisations are put off by the high cost required to investigate the supply chain and access information.

But not Nestlé. Speaking at the event, Duncan Pollard, AVP stakeholder engagement in sustainability at the food manufacturer, said: “We want no deforestation in our supply chain and we will drag this across all commodities that are important to us.”

Nestlé is working with Conservation International and has identified deforestation in 25 countries that the company is sourcing from. This includes Nicaragua (where the company sources its coffee), Indonesia and Bolivia. Pollard said: “We are working with our procurement teams to drive out deforestation from our supply chain.”
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