Close the SRM gap

5 July 2013
Over the last five years we have seen the importance of supplier relationship management (SRM) grow. But despite significant progress, the gap between leaders and followers has widened both in the activities undertaken and the benefits achieved. Direct cost-related benefits remain a key driver, but customer of choice-type benefits are becoming increasingly critical, especially access to innovation, preferential access to scarce resources and senior management focus. Overall, organisations have been steadily improving in their approaches to SRM especially in recognising the wider value potential, obtaining executive sponsorship and developing governance models. But key challenges remain in people development and technology. State of Flux’s fifth annual global SRM survey is now available and will continue to research progress against the six pillars of SRM (business drivers and value; stakeholder engagement; governance and process; people and skills; tools and systems; relationship development and culture), this year we have a specific focus around innovation and relationship development. By participating organisations will (at no cost) be able to:
  • Benchmark your organisation’s SRM activity against some of the global leaders (as well as your industry peers)
  • Join cross-organisational workshops to debate the results with your peers
  • Receive a complimentary copy of the full 2013 global SRM report
Participate in the research by Friday 19 July 2013 by clicking here. Over the years this research has gained a reputation for being the leading global report on SRM; supplying best practice and insights which is supported by data from global organisations. We hope you will agree; the output is a great return on the time invested to complete it. According to Detlef Schultz, CEO, Vodafone Procurement Company: “We have been regular contributors to the State of Flux SRM research and have found that it provides some excellent insights into what is happening globally in SRM.” This year State of Flux will again capture the supplier perspective through a ‘sell side’ survey which we encourage you to send on to your suppliers. As per previous years all responses will remain confidential. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the State of Flux team at ☛ Alan Day is chairman of procurement and supply chain consultancy State of Flux
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