Cutting costs on private car hire

24 June 2013
Whatever your corporate private car hire need may be, there are often ways of significantly reducing costs for your firm. Here are some tips: Loyalty pays Set up a personal account with your chosen private car hire firm and you may receive loyalty bonuses – for example free airport transfers for PAs who book on behalf of CEOs. Choose to receive an invoice over cash – invoices allow for priority status, you can see your payments, you won’t be overcharged and you’ll be able to view itemised billing. Stick with your business Business discounts are often offered for volume users. For ease of booking, you may find you can arrange a service via your mobile or a kiosk. Book ahead Pre-booking almost always ensures a cheaper service. Follow social media channels, websites and newsletters Live feeds are likely to post promotions and special offers with immediacy – keeping an eye on this means that you can be sure you are getting the best possible deal at the time of booking. Avoid waiting time Plan your journey with buffer time in place for things like customs at airports, winding up at restaurants and meetings, and so on. Make sure you’re charged from the time of original booking, not if the driver arrives earlier. In general, many firms will charge a waiting time charge – although London Executive offers the first 15 minutes free. Make sure you choose the car you want Does your firm have different rates for standard vs chauffeur vehicles? Make sure you specify what vehicle you need at the time of booking – the same may apply for MPVs. Possible carpooling/journey pooling - save money Provided that it is geographically compatible, you may be able to share a vehicle with a colleague to cut down on the total shared journey cost. Remember to ask your firm if this is feasible. ☛ Adam Harvey is managing director of London Executive
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