Fulfilling technology

8 May 2013
In every facet of our life, technology is present. So it should come as no surprise that technology is present in the fulfillment industry and is playing a massive part. Something as staid as the warehouse has been streamlined and revolutionised as a result of technology making it more proficient and organised. Warehouses must be far more efficient because online shopping has made the fulfillment industry more relevant. A company such as Amazon ships millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise every day, which would never have happened before the internet age. Tracking has been greatly improved as a result of technology. For instance, you have the analytical tools that come with the control panel, which allow you to organise the warehouse so that you know where everything is. Information that previously took hours or days to compile is available at the click of a few buttons. When it comes to efficient fulfillment, information is the most valuable currency. It is this that allows everything to click effortlessly. The use of ASNs (advanced shipper’s notification) let receiving staff know what is in the pipeline. They will be aware of what is being shipped, when and where it is going. Plans can be made and more things are going out on time with fewer last-minute problems. Those in the warehouse will find more of a routine develops and they can start to be more proactive and less reactive. Auto-bagging machines are one thing that facilitates the physical side of things. The labeling and printing process can go from an exercise that took hours to just seconds. The shopping cart comes in many shapes and forms and allows communications between systems regarding what orders are coming through. The client is able to login to their account and check the status. Technology enables productivity to increase and the number of errors to drop to next to zero. Given that you’re representing the client, it’s very important for their reputation and the relationship you have with them that fulfillment is as close to perfection as possible. ☛ Seth Boylan is the owner/operator of Xpert Fulfillment
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