It’s time to go green at work

10 May 2013
Sustainability is currently a key driver in the procurement profession.  Purchasing decisions on ethical sourcing and corporate social responsibility can contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals within an organisation. But what about closer to home? How eco-friendly are you personally in your workplace? Are you a culprit of wasting energy, not recycling or printing out too many documents (guilty as charged)?

Well, here is your chance to change your ways. Next week is Green Office Week. There will be tips and advice on how to encourage the three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle. Each day will concentrate on different areas, including energy, purchasing (next Thursday) and transport.

Most of the advice is standard and many organisations have already implemented these suggestions. But I think it is more down to making the individual more culpable. Why not decide to change just one thing to help the environment next week? We all commit some green sin at work, whether it is not putting recycling in the right bin, leaving computers on standby, not turning the lights off or failing to print double-sided. However, attitudes are already changing. Research by Avery, the office supplies firm, discovered 42 per cent of workers believe the financial crisis has actually increased the need for their workplace to be eco-friendly, with only 12 per cent saying the environment is now less of a priority for their business than before the economic downturn. Even if you think you are championing the green cause already, there is still plenty to do. The final day of the week concentrates on innovation to encourage further discussion and action. Get together with colleagues and find ways you can help make your workplace greener. There is always something, no matter how small.
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