24 carat leaves

Saint Homobonus24 carat leaves

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but apparently gold does, Australian scientists have discovered.

Researchers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation have discovered that eucalyptus trees in the Kalgoorlie region 
of Western Australia draw up 
gold particles from the soil, 
which then get deposited on 
leaves and branches.

The experts suggest that analysing the eucalyptus trees 
for such deposits could reduce 
the cost of mineral exploration.

But before this news results 
in a modern-day gold rush, a 
word of caution. According to geochemist Mel Lintern, these 
gold nuggets are only one fifth 
the diameter of a human hair.

Fashion senseless

Law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner found itself rather 
red-faced last month when a 
blog written by a trainee set out 
a few do’s and don’ts on what 
(not) to wear in the office.

Women were urged to avoid 
bras and knickers being visible through skimpy clothes, “trashy” heels, and display “no more than 
a half inch of cleavage”.

However, it wasn’t just the female lawyers who found themselves in the firing line. Men were told black suits are just for funerals, skinny ties are for cool bars, and “whatever you do, do not wear a coloured shirt with a contrasting white 
collar. You are not an estate agent from Chelmsford.”

Get the botchers in

Getting a friend to give you a 
hand with the DIY might sound 
like a great way to save money, 
but it could end up costing you 
in the long run.

Householders spend around £300 million a year extra trying 
to put things right after enlisting their mates to help them with jobs around the house, according to Halfords. Some 45 per cent were left with a bill of more than £100 because of a botch job.

Marriage guidance

Staying with the money-saving theme, brides are looking to get 
the most out of their big day.

According to stationers Paper Themes, while average guest numbers have remained steady during the recession at around 100, the cost of a wedding has fallen significantly. Budgets dropped 
from up to £10,000 to as low as £2,500 at one point.

A major contributor to the 
fall has been a shift away from weekend weddings – when venues are at their most expensive – to weekday celebrations.

Sick with hunger

Just under half of employees are worried about calling in sick, even when they really are ill, according to a recent survey.

The poll also revealed that 
60 per cent of bosses of small and medium-sized firms don’t believe their staff when they do call. And 37 per cent have no hesitation 
in checking social media profiles 
to ensure staff are not skiving, according to AXA PPP.

Trust may be in short supply, 
but perhaps bosses are right to 
be suspicious. A separate poll 
of 2,000 office staff revealed 
many faking an illness to go 
home because they felt hungry.


As we know, times are tough. But spare a thought for the 11 per cent of tradespeople out there sleeping in their work van. However, according to insurer Direct Line, it might be a more luxurious place to spend the night than external appearance suggests. Some 4 per cent have a TV installed, and 2 per cent even have games consoles.

Only fools and Jesus

Readers of the latest Bridget Jones bestseller might have been surprised and more than a little confused when half way through the book the heroine started reminiscing about filming the classic sitcom Only Fools and Horses and working with comedy legend Ronnie Barker.

Rather than Ms Jones making a radical change of career, this was the result of a major mix up 
at the printers. Some 40 pages of Sir David Jason’s autobiography accidentally ended up included in Bridget’s diary.
“The printers have had a Bridget moment,” 
said publishers Vintage.

However, they were not the only organisation to have problems with their supply chain last month. The Vatican took the decision to withdraw 6,000 copies of a papal medal from sale because “Jesus” had been misspelled “Lesus” in the 
words engraved on the front.

V. embarrassing, as Bridget might say.

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