Some of our most-read articles of 2014

Rebecca Ellinor Tyler is former editor of Supply Management
23 December 2014

Rebecca EllinorIt’s been another busy year for procurement and supply with the profession continuing to gain profile.

In today’s daily newsletter, the final one of 2014, we’ve analysed our very own big data and picked out some of the most popular articles from across the past 12 months, so if you missed them, here they are again...

Among more than 1,000 news stories produced by the SM editorial team in the past year, one that received a very high hit rate was the announcement that the Queen had approved CIPS Chartered Status. If you want to know how you can step up, stand out and shine by earning this status for yourself, look out for the January edition of SM, which will explain all.

Another incredibly popular news piece online was the article on the five things world-class procurement departments do differently. Research found leading procurement organisations are moving their focus to adding value in other parts of the business as their ability to cut costs drops.

A further news highlight – or lowlight when you consider what was said – was when a CIPS event heard that '80 per cent of time negotiating contracts is wasted'. “The contracts we are creating are too complex, they are too long, they are hard to use and no-one likes them,” attendees heard.

Advice featured in the analysis section of the website, particularly on supplier partnerships attracted a lot of attention. Top tips on ‘spring cleaning’ relationships with key vendors proved very popular, while ‘12 steps to evaluate supplier submissions and ‘Six steps to transform a service supply chain’ also pulled in readers.

Innovative thinking and insights are important tools, and an article on ways to boost creativity, free up ingenuity and let your ‘inner voice’ have its say was viewed by large numbers. And in January we looked at the future of 3D printing and what such technological advances could mean for supply chains.

The most clicked-on opinion piece of the year was the 11 supply chain trends businesses cannot ignore. As the supply chain becomes a key concern for businesses, Boris Felgendreher identified a number of trends that could be expected.

Another popular opinion item was the 10 primary principles of sustainable procurement. Meanwhile ‘10 ways the procurement profession can improve’ saw Alan Day reflecting on the progress the procurement profession has made over the past decade and next steps.

And finally, to the subject of much of January 2015's SM magazine content – careers. This issue will consider how you can develop and progress yours and what you can expect to earn, while a piece on ‘The art of persuasion’ was the most viewed careers piece of 2014.

Now, all that remains is for us to wish all our readers season’s greetings. The SM daily e-newsletter will return on 5 January 2014, until then, there will be regular updates on the website over the festive period.

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