Share your views on getting control of indirect procurement and tail-spend

17 November 2014

Anna Scott is special projects editor at Supply ManagementWe know that getting control over both indirect procurement and tail-spend that is controlled by non-procurement professionals is a perennial challenge.

Maverick spending by employees and the loss of compliance creates confusion on the extent of indirect costs and what effect tail-spend is having on the company’s finances. But, as well as affecting the performance of the procurement function, this loss of control damages the status of procurement within the organisation.

We also know that building a strategic procurement function with a greater level of influence in the organisation remains a priority for procurement, alongside the bread and butter work of making continued cost savings.

We now want to find out what the best solutions are to improving procurement’s understanding of the indirect spend they have little control over and tail-spend. Will full control of all types of spend solve the problem? Or would a fully outsourced procurement function help?

We want to know how you think the relationship between procurement and the internal stakeholders who buy services for the organisation can be improved. And we want you to tell us the way you think the overall status of the procurement profession can be elevated within organisations.

Supply Management has partnered with Expense Reduction Analysts to create the Supply Management Indirect Procurement Survey 2014, which seeks to establish the kinds of challenges you face in this area and how you think they could be resolved.

Ultimately the survey aims to establish some action-points that procurement functions specifically – and organisations as a whole – can take away. Analysis of the findings will be published in a whitepaper in January 2015.

The survey will take only five to 10 minutes to complete and your details will be entered into a draw to win one of four prizes of £250 worth of Amazon vouchers.

We value your views on these issues; please do share them with us – please click here to take part in the survey by Monday 8 December.

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