Beginner’s guide to buying a corporate car service

Mike Bell is chief executive of Driven A to BAs with any working relationship, you need to trust your corporate car service provider, something that comes with time. But there are key indicators at the very beginning of a relationship.

You should ask the following questions:

• Do they offer expertise in working with businesses?

• Do they have case studies or testimonials?

• Do they have a set of key performance indicators they can share with you, and a process to follow if you feel that these are not met?

• Are they working closely with you to understand your business?

One of the main benefits of a good corporate car service is the team will take on all your ground transport tasks and passenger responsibility, saving you huge amounts of time. They should prompt you for updated schedules, monitor flights, check for delays, roadworks etc, so they can amend plans as necessary to ensure that your schedule is adhered to. With the best planning in the world, there will always be last minute and ad hoc requests and your service provider also needs to meet these requirements.

As well as trusting the operations team, you should expect a high level of service from those at the point of delivery. It is important drivers are PCO (public carriage office) licensed, fully referenced, CRB checked and that they, and their cars, are well presented. Vehicles should never be older than three years and should contain a 24-hour tracking system, which helps to provide an accurate estimated time of arrival. If you have been told to expect a car in 15 minutes, that’s when it should arrive. Tracking data can also help to resolve any queries relating to length of journey or costs.

Business travel can have a huge impact on an organisation’s carbon footprint. A corporate car service should demonstrate its consideration of environmental factors such as providing details on carbon dioxide emissions for each journey and how the carbon has been offset, which can assist with your CSR targets.

Finally, your corporate car service should make you feel valued. Regular meetings will allow both parties to share feedback and discuss service levels. Find a corporate car service that offers 24/7 support to ensure there is always someone available when you need them.

Mike Bell is chief executive of Driven A to B

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