Who are the Fellows of the Future?

Amanda Earnshaw
posted by Amanda Earnshaw
26 July 2015

Have you heard? There’s a buzz at CIPS. And it’s all to do with getting the future leaders of our profession involved with the institute.

I often get asked who a Fellow of the Future (FotF) is. The answer is that they are the lifeblood of our profession, the top performers who are coming up through the ranks not only to lead procurement thinking within their own organisations, but who are keen to proactively advocate CIPS.

A FotF may have just joined procurement and be actively working their way through CIPS qualifications, or have recently gained their MCIPS and be keenly working their way up the career ladder. They’ll be oozing with potential to not only become a CPO in the future but a CIPS Fellow as well.

FotF are not senior procurement professionals about to apply for Fellowship in the next year or two, they are the people we are looking to inspire and support from the outset of their career – our ‘rising stars’.

So how are the current CIPS Fellows making this happen? In 2014 the first 50 FotF were handpicked to receive a golden ticket and attend an inaugural event at City Hall. This group has not only received mentoring from their Fellows but enjoyed additional opportunities to get involved with CIPS. In the coming weeks you’ll be hearing from some of them about their experiences here on the SM blog.

This year we’ve decided to go even bigger and better with the help of our sponsor Michael Page. The annual golden ticket event in London will be on the 3 November at the Museum of Brands with speakers including Richard Masser, chairman of the CIPS Global Board of Trustees and Stuart Pemble, CPO at one of Britain’s leading luxury clothing brands. You will also get the chance to develop your own personal ‘brand’ and test it out on the 50 Fellows (CPO-level CIPS members) in attendance. Fellows can book themselves and their chosen FotF into the London event.

For those Fellows who don’t know someone to invite or for any FotFs hoping for an invite, CIPS is hosting a matchmaking event in Birmingham on the 10 September where you can be introduced to others. Not only will you hear how Fellows learnt to sell their skills over the years, you will also be able to look around the National Motorcycle Museum. Both FotF and Fellows can book tickets for the Birmingham event.

We look forward to seeing you at these two very special events.

Amanda Earnshaw is deputy chair of the Fellowship Committee

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