Take your time with stakeholders

David Bishop
posted by David Bishop
19 November 2015

I often think about the conflicts, both internal and external, leaders in supply chain are faced with, which hold back our ambition to be able to continuously improve our systems and processes.

In my experience long term policy deployment – regardless of what we think the current world is like - has its place, as nobody knows the future. As such you need to have some form of business model that is coupled with your choice as to how you’re going to set about working to it, which is clearly defined and endorsed by your stakeholders.

Taking the time to be meticulous with the stakeholders goes a long way to removing those conflicts and allows you to go forward consistently in such a way that regardless how the future turns out you are still going to be moving in the right direction.

I would strongly advocate a business model that has a true north, a picture that is in everybody’s mind of what nirvana is, what they’d really like to be one day, without ever being in an end state. Instinctively knowing the direction everyone within the organisation is moving is what drives that belief for change every day you go to work.

David Bishop is divisional director of supply chain management at Eaton Aerospace Group

Richmond upon Thames, London (Greater)
Falmer, Brighton
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