Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at China's 2017 World Internet Conference © PA Images
AI expected to reshape Chinese business
Singapore's Changi Airport offers a fully automated experience ©Getty Images
Skinny pigs and twisting buildings - a world of innovation...
New Chinese-built railways are improving Nigeria’s infrastructure ©Getty Images
In the spotlight: Nigeria
Wind power is a growing source of renewable energy ©123RF
Global focus on… Wind energy
 ©Bre-TwoThree Designs; AFP/Getty Images
Smuggling, slavery and spying: North Korea's supply chain
FT said Foxconn hired the students to keep up with demand for the new iPhone X © PA Images
Apple admits iPhone X assembled by illegal student labour
René Lemée said Chinese middle-class consumers had turned to Iberian ham as a luxury food © 123RF
Spain faces ham shortage caused by Chinese demand
Alibaba held a gala on the day, where a giant screen tracked sales in real time © Xinhua News/PA Images
Singles Day sets new retail sales record
USDA said the deal would increase Montana beef export sales by 40% in 2018 © 123RF signs deal to buy $1.2bn of US meat
$1bn rail link opens between Asia and Europe
Nikon blamed declining demand for digital cameras on the rise of smartphones © Nikon
Nikon closes camera factory due to rise of smartphones
Harbin was one of several cities to suffer from the toxic haze that covered parts of China last year ©SIPA USA/PA Images
China closes thousands of factories in pollution crackdown