Commodity prices

Boil soya beans before eating to destroy toxins ©Getty Images/Science Photo Library
Global focus on… soya beans
The US has vast reserves of shale oil and gas ©Getty Images
Global focus on… shale gas & oil
Back on tap: the CO2 shortage has revealed a vulnerability in supply © Valentyn Volkov/Alamy
Carbon dioxide takes centre stage
Milk is one of the world's most popular commodities ©kiankhoon/123RF
Global focus on… milk
Border friction would add at least £111 per container for dairy importers, a report said. © vencav -
Spiralling trade costs pose ‘dairy dilemma’ after Brexit
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Fish prices float to record highs
Buyers warned food could be 'left in the fields'
Does everyone on your team understand currency volatility? It is already important © Getty Images
Brexit: How do you deal with currency volatility?
Avocado production continues to climb steadily ©123RF
Global avocado shortage fails to dent demand
Dairy Crest increases profits as costs rise
Vanilla ice cream faces an uncertain future
Commodities: vanilla harvest under threat
Supply chain risk reaches all-time high