Australia to invest $40m in unmanned 'Loyal Wingman'
MoD needs procurement plan to tackle £7bn shortfall
Capita was hired in 2012, during the war in Afghanistan, to take on recruitment work © MoD/Crown
Army was 'naive' when it outsourced recruitment to Capita
MoD surveillance contract safeguards 450 jobs
MoD announces £400m to support submarine programme
Capita 'overly ambitious' in MoD tender
The spending plan resolved missing costs of a new fleet of frigates, but still ran £7bn over-budget © BAE Systems
Military spending plan 'remains unaffordable'
Zambia denies $400m loan for presidential jet
Construction workers on the Crossrail line in March. ©Credit: Crossrail Ltd
Inquiry launched into Whitehall major projects
The US is reliant on Russia’s Soyuz rockets to send people to space, one of which was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday ©Nasa
Nasa’s manned Mars mission $4bn over budget
Australia's new head of defence procurement
In April, the MoD was criticised for announcing a German armoured personnel carrier, the Boxer, as its preferred choice to equip strike brigades without holding a competitive tender ©PA images
MoD increases competitive tenders