Apple on track to beat its goal to bring four gigawatts of renewable energy to the supply chain by 2020. ©  George Rose / Getty Images
Apple says 44 suppliers now use 100% renewable energy
Bae System Hawk trainer jets will be assembled and manufactured locally. ©  MyLoupe / Getty Images
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Vera Yan (left) and Katia Santilli visit the Taiwanese factory regularly ©Joken Jang/Nimble
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The high-tech facility will be held to the highest standards in quality, health, safety, security and environmental with an emphasis on sustainability and environmental footprint. © Firmenich SA
Flavour and fragrance firm opens high-tech factory in China
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“This year, we will reduce the tax burdens on and social insurance contributions of enterprises by nearly 2 trillion yuan,” said Premier Li © Artyom Ivanov/TASS/Getty Images
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Colouring derived from cochineal beetles had been used in Starbucks strawberry frappuccinos © Getty Images
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