Toyota was the only manufacturer to buck the trend and see an improvement in SRM ©Toyota PLC
Supplier relations worsen in automotive sector
Ikea's Coal Removal Project has helped Chinese manufacturers move to cleaner energy ©Ikea
Ikea is helping its supply chain remove coal
Adidas and Reebok top transparency index
President Ramaphosa spoke at the Commonwealth Business Forum in London this week ©PA Images
Commonwealth urged to prepare for fourth industrial revolution
The firm says this is the first use of robotics in the same vicinity as human workers
Fujitsu introduces ‘human-robot collaboration’ to production
Some businesses are considering reshoring parts of manufacturing to protect quality ©DPA/PA Images
Manufacturing quality hampered by supply chain issues
Boeing said there had been a malware intrusion that affected a small number of systems ©PA Images
Boeing hit by WannaCry cyber attack
Over the next year a number of manufacturers will be making decisions on where to build new models ©PA Images
UK car production could drop 7.6% after Brexit
Titanium is widely used by the military in everything from fighter jets to submarines ©Crown copyright
Titanium costs halved with new process
The draft proposes hospitals procure a portion of their equipment from local firms © PA Images
India plans to limit medical imports with local content rules
Ford Bridgend currently makes half a million engines a year for Ford's own models ©Roger Donovan/Ford
Unite urges Ford to adapt for electric vehicles
Adidas said it had targeted all tier two suppliers in high risk countries ©Adidas
Adidas targets tier two suppliers for anti-slavery focus