The chiefs of Emirates Steel and Vale sign mutually beneficial "high value" agreement
Emirates Steel and Vale agree long-term iron deal
More than half of the world’s cobalt is sourced from the DRC, of which 20% comes from small or artisanal mines ©Xinhua News Agency/PA Images
Buyers urged to visit cobalt mines to tackle corruption and labour abuses
Australia should not take for granted its position as the world’s biggest producer of lithium ©123RF
Western Australia told to temper battery production ambitions
Tantalum is widely used in electronics because of its low corrosion rate ©DPA/PA Images
Blockchain used to trace tantalum in Rwanda
As much of the world aims to keep fossil fuels in the ground, an increase in demand is stoking international prices ©Adobe Stock
Coal costs rise
Giant gold-filled rock found in Australia
Acacia employs around 2,600 Tanzanian nationals © Acacia Mining
Acacia Mining spent $434m with local Tanzanian firms
The average artisanal miner digs three bags a day © Getty
E-tagging and selfies to prove provenance
Artisanal mining employs more than 1.5m people in developing countries ©123RF
De Beers trials app to verify artisanal diamonds
Taskforce set up to boost mining sector
China chases lithium supply chain dominance
New BSI standards for use of drones will boost market potential, says BSI ©AdobeStocke drone industry is set to
Drone standards expected this year