The government has launched a scheme to help make it less London-focused. ©Moofushi/stock.adobe.com
Public procurement too 'siloed' in London
A children's hip measurement mat is one of the innovative products introduced to the NHS by Trustech
Lessons in how to select innovations with impact
NHS logistics contract worth £730m awarded to Unipart
NHS urged to cut agency staff spend by 17%
Best for Britain calculated the figure using last year's NHS spending data as a baseline ©123RF
No-deal Brexit medicine stockpiling ‘could cost £2bn’
Stockpiling medicines is "not anything new, it's part of what we do as a profession," said Alan Hoskins, procurement director for NHS South of England . © Tyler Olson/stock.adobe.com
Brexit medicine shortage worries unfounded, says NHS procurement head
Medicines with a short shelf life may have to be flown in, said Matt Hancock © PA Wire/PA Images
Government admits medicine stockpile Brexit plan
NHS outsourcing contract was a 'shambles'
NHS using 9,000 fax machines
Using data gathered from cars and bicycles, drones can be taught to navigate ©Damien Beuvin
From autonomous drones to robotic bees: a world of innovation
NHS Improvement said the healthcare sector had a budget deficit of £960m at the end of 2017-18 ©REUTERS/Neil Hall/AdobeStock
NHS procurement savings will 'kick in' next year
The healthcare sector had a budget deficit of £960m at the end of 2017-18, £464m above its target ©PA Images
'NHS must improve contract management to make savings'