United Arab Emirates

UAE announces package to 'empower Emirati women'
"When I moved to the UAE, I didn't know anyone, so each week I would do something outside my comfort zone." Louise Mitchell. ©Wise Monkeys Productions
This is who I am: Louise Mitchell
Deal signed to expand UAE aquaculture
UAE confiscates 300,000 counterfeit car parts
The chiefs of Emirates Steel and Vale sign mutually beneficial "high value" agreement
Emirates Steel and Vale agree long-term iron deal
The KhalifaSat was launched on an H-IIA rocket in Japan on Monday © JAXA
UAE's first homegrown satellite goes into orbit
Abu Dhabi builds blockchain bridge to Belgium
The pod weighs five tons and is designed to transport passengers at near the speed of sound ©HyperloopTT
First passenger pod unveiled for UAE hyperloop system
Qatar is an urbanised society: 99% of people live in towns or cities ©Adobe Stock
Country spotlight: Qatar
Qatar supply chain recovery has rebalanced economy
Scania recommended the region improve its routing and load management in a bid to optimise its transport industry. ©Scania CV AB
Scania urges ‘immediate change’ in UAE transport sector
Court extends Djibouti port injunction