This topic contains articles on ethical behaviour, including fraud, bribery, corruption, modern slavery and transparency.

US Rear Admiral and contractor 'traded secrets for sex'
Greenpeace said it would be closely monitoring the companies' progress © 123RF
Nestlé and Mars act on pet food supply chain abuses
Brazil president Michel Temer sought to downplay the scandal by taking his ministers out to eat © AP/Eraldo Peres/PA Images
Brazilian imports banned in tainted meat scandal
The EC said the 12 airlines colluded to fix the price of fuel and new security surcharges © 123RF
Watchdog launches anti cartel campaign
BHP Billiton, M&S and Rio Tinto lead on human rights
Kenya recovers $30m lost through corruption
Bribery risk to business increasing
One in four in Asia have paid a bribe
Purchasing manager is eighth least ethnically diverse role
Co-op offers paid jobs to slavery victims
SABC under fire for R5.1bn 'irregular spending'
$1.52bn of government spending 'circumvented' controls
In excess of £60,000 + package
Cheetham Hall Limited
Bolton, Greater Manchester
£30,000 to £40,000 per annum
Dukefield Ltd.