Supply chain

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Small firms 'not the weakest cyber link' in supply chains
UK plans diversification of telecoms supply chain
UAE to be a 'shining pearl along the Belt and Road'
Taskforce launched to reduce impact of global supply chains
Deliveroo to cut costs with Food Procurement scheme
Packaging merger could create 'insufficient competition' among suppliers
Digital twins tech will 'unlock multitude of opportunities'
Financial impact of commodity-driven deforestation risks projected to be US$30.4bn. © Khan/AFP/Getty Images
1,060 firms 'failing to act on deforestation'
Used cooking oil linked to deforestation
The digital twin warehouse uses the Internet of Things and data analytics. © DHL
DHL and Tetra Pak build first digital twin warehouse in APAC
Dubai to use blockchain to boost trade
M&S boss to head up supply chain programme
Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Salary – £71,903 to £79,270
Wiltshire Council
More London Place or Norwich
£42,500 to £50,000 (More London) £38,250 to £45,000 (Norwich)
Clarion Housing Group