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Ethical Procurement and Supply

Take the ethical initiative

Access CIPS Ethics E-learningEthical behaviour is everyone’s responsibility working throughout an organisation. The Ethical Procurement and Supply e-learning and online test continues to help anyone in the profession to build confidence in employers, suppliers and colleagues.  It includes over two hours of e-learning resources and is designed to help procurement and supply chain professionals all over the world to demonstrate their absolute commitment to, and understanding of, acting ethically on behalf of their organisations. Watch this short film which highlights some key facts about how ethics affects procurement and supply.

FREE for all members, you are required to complete this e-learning and test to meet the criteria for Chartered Status.  This will also contribute to your annual CPD record.

it is an introductory level course, designed to help prevent issues regarding:

  • fraud
  • bribery and corruption
  • human rights abuses
  • the impact of procurement on the environment.

Further guidance and reading produced with Walk Free Foundation and Traidcraft can be found in CIPS Knowledge.

What's New for 2018?

We’ve done a content review and update to include any new standards, legislation and identified additional knowledge resources.

A new module, Sustainable procurement, scrutinises the broader implications, on society and the environment, of unethical and ineffective practices within supply chains for which organisations are responsible.

You can learn at your own time and create your own pathway and choose which areas you want to focus on. Additional knowledge resources have been identified and can be accessed if you want to know more on any of the topics.

CIPS Ethical Procurement and Supply e-learning resources provide support for anyone who wishes to take the Ethics test and gain professional recognition for their knowledge and understanding.  It is also one of the requirements for becoming a Chartered Procurement Professional.

Further guidance and reading can be found in CIPS Knowledge.

Access the E-Learning

CIPS members log in to MyCIPS

CIPS members log in to My CIPS

Simply log in to My CIPS and under the My Learning and Development tab you can access the CIPS E-learning where your learning resources and accompanying test are held.

Cost for Members (all grades)

Members only: Free of charge until October 2018


Non-members complete a short online registration processSimply complete a short online registration process.  We'll capture some basic information and take payment before sending you a link to the E-learning which will provide you access to the course for one year.

Cost for Non-Members

£38.00 + VAT

$77 AUD (inc. GST)

$77 NZD


Ask yourself these questions and be honest with your answers

  • Do you own a smart phone?
  • Have you ever eaten organic salad?
  • Do you eat prawns?
  • Have you ever used one of the roadside hand car washes?
  • Do you own any cotton items?

If you have answered yes to these questions then there are already 30 – 40 slaves working for you.

"In 2014 more victims of slavery were found in Supply Chains than any other form of exploitation such as trafficking, sexual exploitation or any other form of exploitation."

Andrew Wallis, CEO of anti-slavery non-governmental organisation Unseen

In the e-learning you will explore:

  • Corruption, fraud, bribery and exploitation; what they are and how they can be eradicated
  • Human rights and forced labour in supply chains; the implications, the risks and how to eradicate, content provided by the Walk Free Foundation: www.walkfreefoundation.org
  • Individual moral and social conscience when it comes to ethics and transparency in procurement
  • Impact on the environment how unmanaged and poor practices can impact the environment, the risks for the procurement organisation and how procurement can drive through more positive behaviours.


Understanding: Increase your ability to recognise situations where you need to consider ethics and social responsibility, to act with integrity and to determine how best to respond

Commitment: Demonstrate to your peers, suppliers, customers, employer and prospective employers your intent to behave ethically and with integrity

Recognition: Reinforce your ongoing commitment to ethical procurement and supply by gaining public recognition for your specific, focused training in this area

Protection: Help safeguard yourself and your organisation against the risks of unethical behaviour in your supply chain; crucial to engender public confidence and protect against corruption, fraud, bribery, and human rights abuses (please see www.walkfreefoundation.org for more information on human rights and forced labour).

CIPS Members

As a CIPS Member, you’ve already signed up to the CIPS Code of Conduct. Achieving the CIPS Ethical Procurement and Supply certificate and being listed on the CIPS Professional Register as trained in ethics complements your membership and publically recognises your up-to-date knowledge of, and ongoing commitment to, ethical procurement and supply.

Non Members

Behaving ethically is an important cornerstone for everyone involved in working with suppliers, even if dealing with suppliers is only a part of your job. CIPS Ethical Procurement and Supply helps build your understanding of how to behave ethically and establishes your commitment to ethical behaviour.

Successfully passing the test will result in you receiving a certificate of achievement and gaining public recognition on the CIPS website as trained in ethics.

Your certificate and listing on the CIPS professional register recognises your up-to-date knowledge of, and commitment to, ethical buying and supplier management. If you’d like to go further and start your professional journey in procurement and supply, we invite you to become a member of CIPS and start your professional journey in procurement and supply.

What You Get

CIPS Professional Ethics markYour e-learning resources consists of learning materials and some case studies with a review question at the end of each module to help you to check your understanding.

The e-learning is not a compulsory requirement for achieving your certificate. Passing the test results in a certificate of achievement and recognition as trained in ethics on this website. You will be required to undertake the test every year to maintain understanding, your certificate and online listing.


You will be able to download a certificate of achievement valid for one year. To print it log into My Learning and Development, under the My Learning and Development tab, click on the "Access Learning" button. This will take you into CIPS E-learning where you can print your certificate from "My Certificates".

Recognition on cips.org

Also, approximately one hour after you have successfully completed the test, you will be recognised for one year, on the CIPS Professional Register, as trained in ethics.

CPD hours

Claim CPD hours for your learning within your CIPS E-learning account. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my certificate?

Once you have completed the test, you can access and print your certificate by accessing CIPS Learning Academy. Once logged in you'll see a tab on the left hand side called "Certificates". Select this and you'll see your certificate listed. From here you can view and print it.

I’ve logged in to access my certificate and it’s not available – why not?

It can take up to one hour from completing the test for the certificate to be ready for download.

Do I have to complete all of the e-learning to get my certificate?

No, this is something that we've changed. The e-learning is not a compulsory part of the overall assessment. We strongly recommend that you make the most of the freely available resources before you take the test.

What will happen if I don’t pass first time, will I get another opportunity to take the test again?

Yes, you have up to 10 attempts.

What’s the passmark?

The passmark is 70%.