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CIPS Foundation International Bursary

For people globally who are undergoing hardship

A bursary of up to £1,000 awarded to procurement and supply students outside the UK which the Foundation believes are in the most need of aid to start or continue their procurement and supply education.

The funds for this bursary will be paid on to the successful applicants' CIPS account. It can be used towards any CIPS product, and can also be used to pay any venue fees at CIPS approved exam centres.

What is hardship?

We realise that the term ‘hardship’ will mean different things to different people, across countries with different standards of living and challenges. The CIPS Foundation defines hardship as anything which interferes with a person’s ability to progress with CIPS qualifications, such as illness, financial troubles, etc.

In order to receive the bursary it will be necessary to show how the funds you receive will be used to alleviate your hardship. This may be by directly paying for CIPS products which you are struggling to afford, or may be indirectly by freeing up funds for use on other things.


Applicants have to be nominated by a CIPS registered study centre from outside the UK, with each study centre permitted to submit 1 application per application window.

Please note that you do not need to be studying with a CIPS registered study centre in order for them to nominate you.

Applicants must also have worked for a minimum of a year in procurement and supply or have previously taken at least two CIPS assessments 

Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed using the following criteria:


Assessment criteria

Examples of evidence


Undergoing financial hardship

Copy of bank statement for all current bank accounts

Funding for qualification

Demonstrates need for funding to continue qualifications

Describe how previous qualifications were funded


Undergoing hardship

Undergone hardship recently or still undergoing hardship, eg: serious injury or  illness to self or family members, bereavements of close family members


Demonstrates awareness of the benefits of the procurement and supply profession to the public

Is aware of or has been involved in procurement projects which benefit the community (e.g. use of procurement expertise and knowledge in helping a community project)

Describes how profession can help the public good

Is aware of or has experience of maintaining standards (e.g. good procurement and supply reduces the risk of corruption)

Demonstrates awareness of the benefits of the procurement and supply profession to the applicant

Personal development


Provides a consistent report of circumstances and reasons for applying, supported by corroborating evidence

Official documents submitted which provide evidence for statements in the application (e.g. bills, doctors notes)

Detailed study centre comments (e.g. explanation of the selection process, why this applicant was chosen)

Net household income

Net Household income is the income which all people in a house provide after deductions, credits and taxes are factored into gross (total) income.


  1. Determine how much money you make monthly after any tax deductions. This amount should include all sources of income, such as salaries, wages, business profits, pensions, dividends, rent and interest.
  2. Determine how much money the other members of your household make monthly after any tax deductions. This includes any money earned by a spouse, parent, child or any other person permanently residing in the home.
  3. Combine your total income with the incomes of the other household members. The sum is your monthly net household income. For example, if you earned £750 for the month and you live with a spouse who earned £500 for the month, your annual household income would be £1,250 for the month.


Please ensure that you ask permission from your referee before submitting their name on your application.

Referees should be a line manager or other superior in your place of work who you have direct contact with whenever possible. If this is not possible (if unemployed, for instance) the referee should be a professional person. The referee should not be a close friend or family member.

Referees are kindly requested to comment upon the applicant’s enthusiasm for procurement and supply and work ethic.


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