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donate nowThe CIPS Foundation is able to award bursaries and scholarships thanks to your donations which are so essential to keep those in need on the path into procurement and to ensure the widest possible pool of talent in the profession.

Take a look at the responses of the people the CIPS Foundation has helped:

Kevin (Kenya)


I am overwhelmed with joy and so much humbled at receiving the news of this bursary award and I lack words to express my joy. CIPS has truly remained supportive to needy students, especially in Africa. It is a dream come true for me, for the foundation to offer me bursary to proceed to the next level, Advanced Diploma. I am delighted and so grateful to CIPS for giving me this chance to join the best certification in the world.

CIPS bursary award is a blessing to me and my family. Life has not been easy, especially growing as an orphan from the villages of Kenya, under the care of an 84 years old and unemployed grandmother. This bursary means a lot to me as I can now see light at the end of the tunnel, there is hope once again. Since this certification is the most recognized in Kenya, it will help me get a good job on completion and then I can proudly lift my life from poverty, that of my family and community. I am happy to note that this bursary will pay my membership fee, exam, E-learning and books which I could not afford.

My CIPS qualification will help me change the face of procurement profession in Kenya as an MCIPS, which is the most coveted membership in the world; I will use it to inspire other needy students in Kenya and Africa and to give them hope that nothing is impossible for a willing heart and mind. I will offer my professional duties in a diligent ethical and professional manner that befits the CIPS standards.

I will embark on the journey to transform the image of procurement in Kenya; I hope to be the change that has been so much desired in procurement profession. I will encourage, support and guide students from High School and Colleges in Kenya to join the profession and CIPS certification. I hope to represent my fellow students and professionals here in Kenya and in Africa. I will support my CIPS Kenya branch in spreading the message of CIPS certification.

Once again I extend my gratitude to CIPS foundation sponsors and stakeholders who started this kind and generous program. You have given us hope and we are delighted. I promise to work hard to show that your helping hand is worthwhile. Thank you.

Umuro (Kenya)

"Wow!.....thank you so much dear Dawn. My inner spirit is rekindled. Am out of words to express my gratitude. This is a blessing that will make my life turn around for better future. I am very grateful. Your feedback made me happiest person ever. Am just smiling and moving around. This opportunity will change my life for good as I reflect back my poor family background. CIPS, you are the charming gardeners who make my soul blossom. As I express my gratitude, I must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. I will never late down you for giving me this better chance to pursue my CIPS qualification and will promise to work hard in my studies to show that your helping hand is worthwhile. May GOD bless you abudantly. This lifetime opportunity will change my life and of my family.

Thank you!....Thank you & thank you in advance."

Tabitha (Kenya)

"Let me start by thanking  you for accepting my request and adding me to the list of students you will be sponsoring .Words cannot describe how I feel right now ,it is like an angel from heaven has remembered I exist and touched me. Things like this don’t happen to people like me. I have been living literally from hand to mouth in an attempt to further my education. For the first time in a long time I will be able to sit down relax and study without worrying how to pay my next fees.

Hugs and kisses to you all .This is an opportunity I will take with both arms and I assure you ,you will not regret making this decision you have by this very act changed my life . Thank you CIPS Foundation for changing the course of my life and my families."

Malibongwe (South Africa)

"I am so happy and delighted in such a way that I can't even express my feelings. I am so excited I do not know how many times I read your confirmation letter.
This is going to change my life a lot and I can't wait to hold a CIPS qualification.
I thank you and your team for making my dreams come true.
Prestigious course I ever wanted in my life. I promise you that there's nothing can take me back; I am going forward to get that MCIPS qualification.

My life has changed already because of you and the CIPS team."

Anesu (Zimbabwe)

"My name is Anesu I am 20 years old; I stay with my mother and my young sister. We moved to South Africa due to economic hardships in Zimbabwe. My mother is a single mother of two; she has been struggling to pay for our education.

I passed my matric examinations in 2014 and could not go to university because my mother could not afford to pay for my university fees. I did not have anything to do, so I was sitting at home doing nothing, worried about my education and my future. In April 2015 my mother managed to register and pay for my CIPS subscription fee. I have been studying CIPS with a lot off difficulties due to our financial situation.

I am extremely grateful, delighted, and honoured to be a recipient of the CIPS foundation education has been a challenge for me and my mother, but now thanks to CIPS foundation, I am confident that I will continue with my studies and will be able to my education to the highest level. The funds from the bursary will give me an opportunity to book for future exams ,sit for exams in every exam sitting and this will help me finish my studies early and be able to find employment and help my mother sooner.

I believe the knowledge will gain through CIPS qualifications will help to promote me in the job market, better my chances of securing job opportunitie, and step up the career ladder in Procurement and Supply.

Thank you for supporting my education, so that I can build the skills and qualifications I need to pursue a rewarding career. Thank you for your generous gift"


"Things like this don’t happen to people like me!

Thank you CIPS Foundation for giving me hope, helping my family out of poverty, giving my family a future.

For restoring my faith in humanity. For believing in me!"

Nahlini (Trinidad)
Nahlini Maharaj-John

"When I received the news that i was elected to receive CIPS funds to help me continue my studies, I was speechless, I walked up and down my living room with joy in my heart. Receiving these funds means so much to me, with continuing and completing CIPS would greatly give me the stepping stones to go into detail work in my country to help kids with special needs. It would also help me reach a financial status to help my son get into the special school he need to be in and be able to afford the medical treatment to make his life more comfortable. I felt my life changing so much hitting rock bottom, but with this type of funding it makes the difference in someone's life, both mines and my family life. Thank you so much CIPS Foundation, for making a difference in our world, I would not disappoint you."

Judith (Kenya)
Judith Mbithe Musa

Judith has had a tough time at home not least due to periods of unemployment which make her financial situation very precarious and mean a lack of secure funding to improve her situation through training. Judith already has an exam booked for July 2014.

"I am glad to learn that, as part of my Bursary Award, I will have the privilege of pursuing a CIPS Ethical Procurement and Supply e-learning course. I am certain that this will give me a rare opportunity to learn more on Ethical Procurement and Supply and will go a long way in complementing my Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses.

As a beneficiary of the CIPS Foundation Bursary, I feel delighted and more energized to double my effort in developing my career in Procurement and Supply. My education has been a challenge to me but now after the award of the bursary I am very confident that I will further my education and better my chances of securing job opportunities and support my family as well. My ambition is to bring change and a positive impact in the Procurement and Supply profession in my country and also globally."

Mohammed (Pakistan)
Mohammed Ghous Saudager

Mohammed is currently undertaking the Ethics course online.

"Thanks God. It is good news for me. I am very thankful to CIPS Foundation for give me this bursary which helpful to accelerate in my career in Procurement and Supply Chain Function and by this I will reach at top level of this function.

In past years, I am continuing struggling to study the CIPS course because it is necessary requirement for every job related to Procurement, Purchase and Supply Chain Management in Middle East and UK but not succeeded due to financial problem. 

CIPS is one of the top three Procurement and Supply Chain Institutions in the world and I believe this bursary will help me to convert my dream into reality when I will use MCIPS status with my name (after passing of all exams)."

Felicia (South Africa)
Felicia Lebogang Tivane

Felicia lost the position she had held for more than two years when she fell ill and required extended medical treatment.  This has left her unemployed without secure funding to support her studies.

"I am so thankful to the CIPS foundation for awarding me the bursary. This for me is a huge step toward the pursuit of my dreams and goals. I have wanted to do the CIPS course since 2010 but due to financial constraints I couldn’t until I applied for the CIPS International Bursary and now I see great doors open up for me. I believe that with a CIPS accreditation I will reach my accomplish my goals as procurement professional and motivate and encourage other young people to work hard in order for them to reach their desired goals in spite of unfavourable financial situations. And hopefully some day I will make enough money and provide at least 3 young people with bursaries to study a CIPS qualification...."

Athar  (London)
Athar Mahmood Ahmad

Athar applied to the Foundation for support since despite his employment history he needed to undertake further studies to improve his employment prospects and hence his financial stability as the family breadwinner. 

"My name is Athar Mahmood Ahmad and I am 48 years old. I moved to the UK from Pakistan in 2008. I graduated in Pakistan and I worked for eleven years with Mitsubishi Corporation Pakistan which coordinates all Mitsubishi Group’s marketing and supply chain activities. In 2000 the company transferred me to Dewan Salman Fibre which was a joint venture company between Mitsubishi of Japan, Samyang of South Korea and Dewan Mushtaq Group of Pakistan.

I have the work experience of managing supply of material worth millions to particularly the textile industry in Pakistan. This experience I believe can only be beneficial to me once I am able to have the knowledge of how the things are being managed in the UK. My initial studies have already strengthened my belief that CIPS is the right platform for me to gain the professional knowledge and certificates which will help me to promote myself in the job market.

I also believe that the knowledge gained through CIPS qualifications and the work experience combined will be an ideal combination for me to move forward and to fulfil my role as a father and role model for my children and my community.

I am also grateful to CIPS Foundation for offering me the bursary to meet my study expenses, since without these qualifications so far I have been unable to get a decent job in my particular field. It is a great help for me in my circumstances and I shall remain obliged.

Thank you once again for giving me an opportunity to change my life in a better direction."

Zaim (London)
Zaim Ahmad

Zaim applied to the Foundation for support since despite his years of experience in supply in Pakistan he was looking to improve his qualifications to enhance his job prospects in the UK.  His current role is not sufficient to support his family and pay for his further studies and qualifications.  Zaim has recently been taking exams in the May exam series.

"The decision that I have been awarded CIPS Foundation Bursary Award came as a ray of hope in my current circumstances and I’m beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. This news has motivated my morale and now I’m confident that I can continue my studies, excels my career in my own profession of procurement & supply chain operations, thank you CIPS Foundation for being there in dire straits."

Paul (Kent)

Paul Mokake

Paul has been working in a number of temporary positions in NHS catering supply in which he was able to support improved processes and bring in valuable cost savings.  Paul has already booked exams for July 2014.

"I am extremely delighted and thankful to have been offered a bursary by CIPS Foundation to study for a Diploma in Procurement and Supply, a stepping stone towards my goal of becoming a full member of The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. A professional qualification from CIPS has worldwide recognition and respect.  I intend to use my skills and qualification to step up the career ladder in Procurement and Supply. CIPS Foundation has given me a lot of hope!"

Kevan (Ayrshire)
Kevan Train "The Foundation were extremely supportive in selecting myself for this financial contribution/support and one I wish to respond to by completing the diploma itself and also continue my education within a procurement environment.  The funds credited to my CIPS account will give me the flexibility to book future exams without the financial fall out due to my recent stint of unemployment which is stressful enough at best of times.  Just having the flexibility of booking exams knowing the funds are available is a great relief in itself and will be invaluable as I progress through the modules"

Elizabeth (Lincolnshire)
Elizabeth Cotton

After university and two years as a consultant Elizabeth moved into procurement in 2011, and works for TATA Steel. She has recently been promoted within the organisation and is looking forward to continue to broaden her knowledge in the sector

"My CIPS studies have taught me the theory surrounding my profession and given me confidence in decision making. I am eager to continue learning and through the support of a mentor the CIPS Scholarship will enable me to target specific areas to further develop my skills, which is fantastic!"

The CIPS Foundation will also be running other campaigns to support our mission. This includes supporting procurement challenges for schools to encourage wider knowledge of procurement; making the brightest and best aware of the profession as a rewarding career choice.

The CIPS Foundation is able to support people such as those above because of the many kind donations we receive from people who believe in the many positive impacts of procurement. If you want to help people who face huge barriers preventing them from making a difference in procurement then please

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