Coronavirus (Covid-19) and CIPS Exams


Updated Schedule for July Exams

If your exams were postponed in March or May, we have now transferred your booking(s) please login to MyCIPS to view.

Revised Exam Timetables

Objective Response Exams (OR) 13–17 July 

As normal, exams sittings will take place at 09:00, 12:00 and 15:00 at all exam venues globally. 

Changes to Constructed Response Exams (CR) 20–24 July

We have extended the exam week timetable for all CR modules to 5 days to accommodate the additional exam capacity required.  This applies to all paper and computer-based exam formats. 


What do I need to do now?

You don’t need to do anything – your exam(s) bookings have been prioritised and transferred to the July or in some cases September series which you can view in MyCIPS.

Revised July CR Exam Timetable

Revised September CR Exam Timetable

Students registered with an approved CIPS Study Centre

If you are registered with a CIPS study centre, they have also been provided with your updated exam booking(s) which you can view in MyCIPS.

Exceptional changes and contacting CIPS

For guidance on what to do next about making exceptional changes to your July exam booking(s) please use and follow the process in our FAQs below. 

Please do not contact the CIPS customer services or helpdesk about changes to your July exam booking(s). Due to the unique impact of the Coronavirus on exam schedules and the high demand, our teams will not be able to make changes to your transferred exam booking(s).

Our main priority is your health and safety 

All exam centres have been directed to follow the advice issued by the government in that country for non-clinical environments.

CIPS exam centres will ensure the social distancing guidance is observed, so students will not be sitting too close together. Please play your part in ensuring that these arrangements are maintained, before, during and after each exam. This may mean it may take more time to access and leave the exam room, please consider this in your travelling time to your exam venue. We thank you for your patience and support.

What extra steps can students take in the exams during the pandemic?

  • You will be able to take hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes into the exam; all labels must be removed from the hand sanitiser. The bottle needs to be a clear one.
  • You may wear a face mask at the exam, ensure there is no writing on the facemask. You will be asked to show your full face to verify your identity if this cannot be established by other means. 
  • If you have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, or if you have a fever or a cough please do not go the venue to attempt the exam. CIPS exam centres retain the right to turn candidates away if they are unwell to protect all other students and centre staff.
  • If you feel unwell during your exam, please speak to your invigilator. See the exam booking Terms and Conditions if you are unable to attend an exam due to illness.


Continuing to support you during the Coronavirus pandemic

We will continue to follow guidance by the World Health Organization that may impact our exams due Coronavirus. CIPS is already in full planning for the September and November exams series, and we sincerely hope that all future exam series will go ahead as per the current schedule. We will continue to work closely with our international colleagues, study and exam centre networks to monitor the situation.

Our whole team is committed to keeping you updated and supporting you to continue studying and progressing on your journey to Chartered MCIPS.

Please continue to use this dedicated webpage to stay up to date and be alerted about any changes.

Good luck with your exams from the global CIPS team and membership community.

Your Questions About Exams Answered:

  • Yes, to add capacity for more students to be able to sit their exams we have extended the July Constructed Response exam schedule to include extra dates and at some venues added in extra exam sessions to fulfill the high demand. Other changes to the 2020 exam schedule include exam entry and closure for bookings and some results release dates for July. There are also some additional changes to the September exam series. Please check the latest schedule.

  • Please note that due to the impact of coronavirus demand for the July exams is extremely high. We strongly encourage students to use the new booking(s) as we are unable to guarantee  an alternative time and date.

    If you have an exceptional circumstance and need to change your allocated July exam timeslot you must follow these instructions here and do this online

  • In exceptional circumstances where you cannot take your exam in July and wish to defer to September, please follow these steps here.

  • We have done everything we can to accommodate all students as per their original booking(s) from March or May. Demand for July exams is high and mixed with the introduction of social distancing guidance for our exam centres we had to make some adjustments in exam venues. We do sincerely apologise if this affects you as we have done our best to ensure your exam centre is within a reasonable distance to your original booking. You may choose to move your exam booking to September if you preferred exam centre has availability.

  • Yes, all exams for March and May have been moved to the July series this includes the paper-based exams which take place in some countries.

  • Seats at exam centres are limited for July, mixed with the introduction of social distancing guidance we had to move some booking(s) to September. You may wish to consider changing your booking online as availability is constantly changing as students may cancel or rebook for a different exam series. Please consider however, your transferred booking will be at risk if you choose to cancel it to book at an alternative venue, see FAQ 2.

  • We have increased capacity for July to accommodate everyone whose exams were deferred in March and May. We are also adding capacity to the September exam series.

  • We have done everything we can to accommodate all students in July. Due to the introduction of social distancing guidance which affects our exam venues, mixed with the high demand for July exams we had to move some booking(s) to September. The guidance on social distancing has changed since we sent out the original communication, we do sincerely apologise if this affects you.

  • Yes. Our students that had exams deferred from March and May will have priority for the July exam series, but we have added extra capacity to take new bookings. New exam bookings for July is open until 15 May 2020.

    The September exam series is also open for bookings from 8 May until the 17 July.

  • Yes, all Objective Response exam results have already been released into your MyCIPS account.

    Constructed Response exam results will be released at the normal scheduled time into your MyCIPS account on 20 May 2020.

  • Any students that have had exam deferrals for March and May will be able to sit their exams in July as normal, even if their membership lapsed in May, June or July.

    However, at this time it is important that you have access to the resources and learning support for revision within the CIPS Student Zone. We encourage all students to maintain active membership to take full advantage.

    All students will need to have active membership to be able to make new exam bookings, whether in July or a future exam series, as normal. You can check your renewal date in MyCIPS

  • CIPS is an awarding body regulated by Ofqual. The current guidance from our regulator means that CIPS qualifications are not suitable for estimation of grades due to the following factors:

    - Exams are the only form of assessment for our qualifications (Except for CIPS Corporate Award – for queries please speak to your CIPS Programme Co-ordinator).
    - Coursework isn’t included as part of the final assessment
    - CIPS provides multiple opportunities to sit your exams during the year, unlike some other qualifications offered by other awarding bodies.
    - Our students are all at different stages of their education journey

    CIPS will continue to work with our regulator and monitor the guidance on exam grade estimation. Any changes to the above will be communicated to our student and study centre communities.

    We appreciate the time and effort you have taken in studying for your CIPS exam, therefore we have rescheduled your deferred exam to the next available assessment opportunity - July 2020 or in some cases September. We are also working hard to add capacity to future exam series this year to support you further.

  • CIPS is monitoring World Health Organisation and government guidance regularly. Our priority is the safety of students and staff. Should government guidance change and impact our ability to run the exam series in your country, we will contact you immediately to inform you and provide your next steps. Please also use this dedicated web page which we will update regularly to alert you of any changes.


  • CIPS has transferred exams rather than cancelled to allow our students to maintain their learning journey. As such, refunds are available only in exceptional circumstances. Please forward your refund request via email to To allow us to process quickly please be sure to and include your membership ID and full details of your booking - and use the email subject line: ‘Exam fee refund’.

    Due to the impact of coronavuris on our membership we are experiencing high customer contact at this time as you can appreciate. Whilst we will try and process all requests quickly, please note it may take up to eight weeks for your refund to be processed. Thank you for your understanding and support.

  • In some countries constructed response (CR) exams are paper-based and only available in May and November. Due to the high demand for CIPS exams in July and guidance on social distancing, unfortunately we could not accommodate every paper-based deferred exam into the July or September exam series. CIPS students will be able to view confirmed November exam booking in MyCIPS by 10 August, and at this time will have the option to book further exams for the November exam series.

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