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Categories and Commodities

Category Management is a strategic approach which organises procurement resources to focus on specific areas of spends. View category-specific white papers and reports.

Buying Commercial and Professional Services

Public and private sector organisations are spending huge amounts of money buying professional services.

Find out more about the buying of Professional Services such as consultancy, recruitment, PR and legal.

Energy and Water

Organisations are spending more on energy than they have ever done before, and the drive towards a low carbon economy is creating new challenges and opportunities for procurement professionals.

Through CIPS Knowledge our members can access a range of industry-specific resources including expert guidance, market insight and data reports.

The CIPS Energy Specialist Knowledge Group also offers independent advice for buyers in all sectors.


Learn more about buying chemical commodities.

Construction and Engineering

Capital investment in new construction or refurbishment represents a significant decision for any enterprise and should contribute to more effective business. To support this, organisations increasingly need access to best practice in both briefing, and procurement and supply management skills. Learn more about buying for construction and engineering projects and services.


More than ever, public and private organisations are outsourcing their facilities management to third parties while at the same time increasing the range of services covered by the function, creating a variety of new challenges and opportunities for procurement professionals.

Find out more about buying functions such as laundry and security services.

Financial Services

Learn more about buying of financial services, including insurance and technological support.

IT and Telecoms

Improving the efficiency of IT departments is often the area where great savings can be made. In addition, it can help to act as a catalyst for other organisational benefits and transformation programmes. Learn more about buying IT and Telecoms Services, including project management.

Logistics / Freight

Freight transport services is a vast subject with much consider. Discover more about the logistics and freight procurement.

Marketing Procurement

Find out more about buying marketing procurement, including print, events and digital media.

Metals & Mining

Learn more about the Metals and Mining Industry and the associated procurement practices.

Outsourced Services

Most support services are natural candidates for outsourcing. Cleaning, catering and IT services, to name but three, have their own subtleties and sometimes their own jargon. But a common procedure, backed by robust contracts and service-level agreements (SLAs), can be used to ensure effective service delivery. Find out more about outsourcing services.

Public Sector Services

The composition of the public sector varies globally, but in most countries it includes such services as the military, police, public transport and highways, education, along with healthcare and those working for the government itself, such as elected officials. Find out more about public sector services.


Research has shown that, in many organisations, travel expenditure is the second or third largest item of controllable expense. This means that, particularly at times of business activity downturn, it can be one of the first areas to be cut back. Find out more about procuring travel services.