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Hays Talent Solutions logoA high cost and increasingly complex category, the procurement of skills has dramatically evolved in recent years. With so many different options of how and where to procure workers, whether permanent, temporary, contract, freelance, consultants or on statements of work, procurement can add real value to one of an ogranisations most pressing concerns- access to skills. 

Influencing the C-SuiteThere are many different models and tools available in what is fast becoming an increasingly complex area of spend. To support you with this CIPS has partnered with workforce management specialists, Hays Talent Solutions, part of specialist recruitment company Hays. Find out more about Hays Talent Solutions



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What is recruitment outsourcing?

As organisations seek to create a workforce that can quickly and easily respond to the market, they are increasingly drawing on new and different sources of talent. This makes tracking and managing this spend to drive more value from these suppliers difficult. You can find a series of tools, reports and whitepapers on how to tackle these issues in the resources tab.

Procurement teams are increasingly turning to workforce management solutions, sometimes referred to as recruitment outsourcing, to meet their organisation's goals. Recruitment outrsourcing is where all or part of your recruitment procurement activities are run by an external provider.

For procurement professionals this typically focused on the contingent workforce first in the form on an MSP, as HR teams usually deal with permanent employees and recruitment processes.


What is a Managed Service Programme (MSP)?

A managed service programme (MSP) is where the management of the sourcing, engagement and administration of temporary and other ‘non permanent’ resources by an external provider.

This typically includes/covers:

  • Temporary workers, contractors, consultants and statements of work
  • Resources sourced from a number of vendors but managed through a single, common process
  • The full lifecycle from planning through requisition, sourcing and onboarding to timesheeting, payment administration and exit
  • A vendor management system (VMS) – or in other words, an internet-enabled system tooptimise and manage the entire recruitment service.

Depending on your needs, an MSP solution can support you with workforce planning to identify and prepare for the spend, selecting and managing the suppliers and tools you use to access talent, selecting the right workers, compliantly on-boarding the workers, retaining the right suppliers and even transitioning them out of ths business without losing IP.

You can find out more about MSP on the Hays Talent Solutions website


Vendor Management System (VMS)

Commonly to support the management of these workers business deploy a vendor management system. Despite their name vendor management systems (VMS) do so much more than just measure the performance of your staffing suppliers. Tracking, automating and reporting on the whole resourcing process, from request to payment, a VMS enables you to easily manage your flexible workforce.

An MSP will nearly always include a VMS. Whether it's identifying the functionality you'll need, advising on your technology selection, running your implementation or providing VMS training, your MSP will support you with all your VMS needs.

Find out more about vendor management systems on the Hays Talent Solutions 


Services procurement and statement of work (SOW)

An often overlooked area of spend in this category is services or statement of work spend, also referred to as 'Indirect spend'. Increasingly progressive procurement profesisonals are including this within their MSP contracts or contingent workforce management programmes.

You can learn more about services procurement on the Hays Talent Solutions website 



To help you get started, and develop your own expertise, in the procurement of skills or outsource your recruitment here's a series of tools, reports, whitepapers and case studies:


Put your approach to accessing non-permanent skills to the test

Benchmark your companies approach against best practice, and uncover how to improve your contingent workforce management with our maturity assessment tool.

Grade your approach today

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One of the core basic areas we see procurement teams need to tackle in this area of spend is ensuring their business is compliantly accessing and contracting workers. These reports will help you evolve your response:


Employment law bulletin

To stay on top of the latest employment law this bulletin covers recent and upcoming changes to employment law in the UK.

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Employment law spring 2019




In the Autumn 2018 budget, it was confirmed that the legislation that changes the tax obligations no how organisations engage non-permanent workers in the UK, would be extended to the private sector in April 2020, for large and medium-sized organisations. 

These legislation changes mean that the responsibility for determining whether or not an off-payroll worker falls in or outside of IR35 will now sit with the hiring organisation, including potential liability for tax and national insurance contributions. You find out what this means for your business here.  

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Get your copy of the whitepaper here

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Managing risk

Find out how workforce solutions could help you reduce your risk in contingent spend. 

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Risk management


Driving value from your contingent spend

One of the core issues in this large area of spend is it is held at business unit level, not centrally by procurement. This makes getting visibility of it all difficult. In this whitepaper we cover top tips on how to drive value from your contingent workforce spend.

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Driving value from your contingent spend

Improving access to non-permanent workers

A core criticism in today's skills short market from business users is accessing the right skills. In this whitepaper we cover how procurement can help with this. Get your copy here 


Part of getting more from your suppliers is rating your suppliers against SLAs, read the Hays Talent Solutions blog about out to rate them outside of this here 

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Improving access to non-workers



If you'd like to look at outsourcing your recruitment read the most commonly asked questions.  

Read blog here 


To get buy in for outsourcing recruitment you'll need to build a business case.

Discover how to define this here


When you outsource your recruitment for the first time one of the main concerns of many procurement people is the reaction of their current suppliers. Learn how to maintain vendor engagement.  

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Case studies

See how others have reduced their recruitment costs and risks with recruitment outsourcing with these Hays Talent Solutions case studies 

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Hays case studies


To help you tackle some of the most common issues procurement professionals come up against in this category here's some of our most recent webinar recordings:


Maximising Influence & Impact: Influencing the C-Suite

The webinar highlights why influencing skills are so important for procurement with tips on how to present ideas more effectively to gain C-Suite engagement recognising the importance of storytelling. The discussion covers how to identify and understand your stakeholders needs and then pitching to them in the most effective way in order to gain their buy in and how best to end a presentation so you get a decision.

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Maximising influence and impact: 10 sales lessons for procurement professionals

When outsourcing your recruitment you'll need to gain buy-in from a lot of stakeholders. In this video you will hear 10 sell-side insights from two procurement professionals which, if applied, could magnify the influence and impact that you offer to your internal stakeholders, and simultaneously maximise your organisations credentials as a customer of choice. 


Watch back our webinar to hear the lessons learned from the public sector and understand why the private sector can no longer ignore this legislation and must proceed with plans to manage and implement the change.


How to effectively manage your non-perm workforce

Discover how to effectively manage the cost and risk of a contract and temporary workforce. Find out how to assess where your biggest spend inefficiencies and risks are coming from and how to address them.