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Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC)

For almost 50 years the APCC has established itself as a leader in government procurement, construction and asset management strategies and practice.  The work of the APCC is committed to procurement innovation, solutions and efficiencies designed to create savings and maximise service delivery to the communities of Australasia.


The APCC provides a single national interface between governments and undertakes a consultative, liaison and leadership role. With its public sector member jurisdictions, the APCC is acting as a leader to encourage improvements in procurement processes and has a long history of releasing nationally endorsed documents. It is a think tank of national proportions.


Be solution focused

Participation in the APCC can occur on three main levels:


  • Knowledge Networking Events – hosted online or via teleconference, these free, targeted sessions for all public sector procurement staff facilitate insights into jurisdictional policies, peer practices and initiatives across a vast range of topics, taking participants beyond their own backyards.
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) – part of a paid subscription, SIGs are structured groups which provide public sector Senior Executives direct communication channels with peers in the areas of:
    • Construction & Asset Management
    • Strategic Procurement
    • ICT Strategic Procurement


SIG membership is open to agencies and accessible to all procurement staff of that agency.  Access is gained to

  1. A wealth of expertise
  2. The APCC members-only knowledge hub: a one-stop collection of jurisdictional benchmarking data, templates and policies (in many cases not available elsewhere), and
  3. The ability to work collaboratively to enact change through better practices.

The APCC Council of Chief Executive Officers leads the overall direction of the APCC and shows commitment through annual departmental memberships.  Access to all groups, steering committees, networks and data is afforded at this level.

Opportunities for involvement also occur on an ad hoc basis through workshops and webinars, open to both members and non-members.

Further information

More information about APCC is available on its website - www.apcc.gov.au 

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